Some shots of Biarritz and Bayonne

Sightseeing Hossegor Capbreton


Bayonne is only 25 minutes from Capbreton.  Its proximity to the Spanish border and being in the Basque country has contributed to the creation of this pretty and diverse city.  Bayonne's history is mapped out in various museums - ranging from chocolate through to art.  The Musee Bonnat is one of the best art galleries in the SW of France with paintings by Degas, Goya and Botticelli.  There is also a museum dedicated to the Basque History.  The Bayonnais are proud of their heritage, and in August they hold a massive cultural and drinking fete lasting several days.  Over Easter weekend they celebrate their love of food with a Ham festival - which is well worth a visit.


Biarritz has a lot of recent history, it was one of the places that the English aristocracy used to spend the winters at the turn of the 19th century, ther are many grand buildings and a big Casino all housed in a series of pretty bays. The now very affluent city has a strange mix of 'the rich' and 'the surfers'. It is a very pretty place and deserves a visit, if you dont mind paying a bit, head down to the old port for some unbeatable seafood.

San Sebastian

Just an awesome city, its the party town of the area, all year around, home to many language schools and people who want to learn Spanish, there is also tons to see here, some people say iot is like a 'Mini Rio'.
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