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Surfing in Hossegor & Capbreton

Surfing in France is pretty much as simple as it gets, get up have a croissant and espresso, scoot to the beach, off-shore, paddle out, get barrelled all morning, come home, big breakfast, quick nap, go and hunt some on-shore ramps, fall asleep on the beach, wake up, head home for a quick beer, straight into dinner, wine, crawl to bed, repeat above.  

  • What's the swell like?  Pretty much always swell, very few flat spots. 
  • What's the water temp like? goes from December 4/3 booties to August just boardies. 
  • What's the wind like?  off-shore in the morning, on-shore in the arvo, possible evening glass. clockwork. 
  • What's the food like? awesome. 
  • What is shopping like? All surf brands plus outlet shops, mazing. 
  • Do you need a car? only if you cant ride a bike with a surf rack.