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Down to the Wire...Round 3 at Pipeline.

Down to the Wire...Round 3 at Pipeline.
Published: 19/12/2014 13:56

Well this is interesting, it looks like we have a pressure situation, round 3 and its crunch time, if Gabriel makes another heat then Kelly is out of it and it is between him and Mick (who are sharing a house at Pipeline at the moment!!)

The interesting thing is the way that the heats in round 3 have turned out. we have :

Medina v Dusty Payne

Fanning v Jeremy Flores

Slater v Alejo Muniz

Now what we have to think about is who is on form at the moment, we have Medina v a very very in form Dusty Payne who is Hawiian and has won the first event in the triple crown and has come runner up in the second. Very Dangerous for Gabriel. We have Fannig v a not inform Flores but lets not forget Jeremy is super hungry at the moment, needs a result and is a former Pipemaster. We have Kelly v Alejo who is again not in the best of form but needs a massive result at the moment.

It looks like it is going to be on tonight and the fate of the World Title will be decided, I would like to see Kelly do it just because he is the underdog but my money is on Medina for his first of many WCT titles.

Tune in to see what happens tonight...

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