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Call for La Nord Ripcurl 2015 - Nov 30th

Call for La Nord Ripcurl 2015 - Nov 30th
Published: 26/11/2015 21:38


Conditions are looking good for Monday - standby. If you feel like swinging by for the competition please contact us now. 

The challenge brings the best of the country's big wave riders together on the famous spot in Hossegor. The waiting period for the 3rd edition of the Rip Curl La Nord Challenge began 2 weeks ago and will finish on 15th January 2016, the competition will start when optimal conditions, perfect swell and weather are united on just the one day.

Volonteers and organisation are now standing by with authorisations, jet skis, meals, photographers, judges and 50 aficionado surfers, all waiting for the ride of the year on the legendary wave of La Nord.

La Nord consists of 5 series of 10 surfers who have one hour to catch the biggest, hollowest and riskest wave. The winner will be presented with a plane ticket to a surf spot of their choice. 

An outstanding phenomenon will spice this year's competition, the Australien shaper Maurice Cole, one of the pioneers of La Nord in the 80's, will be the figurehead and judge.

Vidéo 2014 : https://vimeo.com/144769044

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