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The 'Biggest Air' by John John Florence

The 'Biggest Air' by John John Florence
Published: 19/06/2013 15:33

As we well know there really is no actual way of measuring airs accurately due to the different projection, landing, grab, risk etc etc but when watching the live webcast of the Oakley Pro Bali yesterday I surely witnessed the biggest air I have seen in a comp ever.

It was the 1st round and John John was getting pushed harder and harder in the 30 min heat against fellow Hawaiian grom Sebastien Zietz, just when it seemed that he was being matched in the barrel and on the open face, John John pulled this air... a single maneuver 10 point ride!!

I am without doubt it was the biggest, most casual looking air I have seen, just incredible. Check out the rest of the Bali Pro 2013 live and see what John John has left in the tank.

 Thanks to surfline for the photo.


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