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Heat, Swell and the art of the seista

Heat, Swell and the art of the seista
Published: 18/07/2014 08:22

How hot has it been, super hot with some nice little summer swell trickling through. Off-shores in the morning and those perfect groomed summer peaks seem to run off for ever.

For us the trouble is always trying to remember to rest, with the days being so long you can surf up until 10.30 at night and if you start at dawn that is one long day.

I find the a siesta is a very important tool in making the most out of the day, if you are looking for the perfect siesta, I think you should remove all telephones, computers and devices from the immediate area, dont get undressed and dont use you bed or wherever you normally sleep, timing is crucial and will take practice as you dont want to involve an alarm clock and any more than 40 mins is not good.

Give it a try, oh and you want to have a massive lunch just before you lay down. Got to love the siesta...


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