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Jbay kicks off with decent swell

Jbay kicks off with decent swell
Published: 10/07/2014 08:03

ASP tour stop number 6, JBay in South Africa kicks off today with the opening 2 rounds already completed at time of writing, it looks like perfect conditions, head and a half on the sets.

Micj Fanning has just gone through with a decisive win over Dion Atkinson and Sebastien Zietz, up next is Taj (always a bridesmaid never a bride) Burrows and it looks like we will get to see most of the worlds top surfers in the water today including Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson.

After the last event at Fiji that was small compared to previous years but witnessed a changing of the guard or so I thought we are all on the edge of our seat for this one.The older guys like Mick and Joel and Kelly all went down before the final and the new boys on tour showing that they can wins comps and not just make up the numbers, whats going to occur at this iconic point break in South Africa.

Tune in to find out, it ON live now at http://www.aspworldtour.com/

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