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Kelly Slater talks world titles and Dreams

Kelly Slater talks world titles and Dreams
Published: 30/11/2014 11:16

Well this is a pretty interesting little interview with the king, Kelly Slater. He talks about his chances of winning the words title and what it means to him about how he wants progress.

I know that age should not be a thing but it kind of is in everyones head when they reach a midway mark in life that perhaps they are not going to get better at some things, eg their body is not as supple as it used to be and all the other things we say.

The thing about Kelly in this video is that he is still talking about getting better and if he cant get better at airs, barrels and big waves then what is the point in surfing which I get and to be honest its inspiring on a totally new level for me.

We love you Kelly, go get a 12th World Title for the old guys like me.

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