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Mick & Kelly Both win at Pipe.

Mick & Kelly Both win at Pipe.
Published: 17/12/2013 14:54

Oh Jeeez, what an event, there are some things that are worth waiting up for and this was one of them.

With Monster Pipeline in the 10ft plus range, and 3 titles on the line, Pipe Masters, Triple Crown and the WCT world title and most of the top dogs still in the comp it was just such a treat. 

Here is how it played out. Mick Fanning won the world title which makes this his 3rd, Kelly Slater won the event, which was the 7th time he has done that and John John Florence won the Triple crown which, being Hawaiian made it an even bigger win for him on home turf.

As well as the conditions being amazing, this event also saw the most amount of on-line and beach viewers of any surf event ever. Not suprising really.

Well done to the Champions, looking forward to pumping Snapper Rocks in Feb.


Thanks to Red Bull for the images.




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