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Slater vs Medina vs Fanning tonight?

Slater vs Medina vs Fanning tonight?
Published: 08/12/2014 09:02

Well this is the date we have all been waiting for, the final showdown for the World Title.

Could it be Kellys 12th, Micks 4th or Gabriels first world title, it will all be decided before the 20th December.

What are their chances I hear you ask?

Well really the way I see it is that Gabriel has it in the bag, the world title is his to loose and all year he has not looked like loosing, all the post heat interviews have been of him looking calm and composed, I just dont think the that the guy feels pressure.

Slater however has got nothing to loose, he has the chance if he wins the comp and Medina and Mick both slip up and we all know he has done many times before and could very easily do it again with the solid swell that is forecast for this event.

Mick is looking also very dangerous and he is always composed and coming off a win in Portugal, he is also the defending world champion. He excels in solid stuff too.

Really though for any other old boys to have a chance Medina has to stumble and I just can't see that happening.

Tune in tonight at www.aspworldtour.com for more details. It could be on toinght...

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