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Slaters Huge Air at the Hurley Trestles Pro

Slaters Huge Air at the Hurley Trestles Pro
Published: 17/09/2014 09:30

What happened in round 2 of the Hurley Pro last night was the same old story of very close heat scores and some of the bigger boys going down early.

Amongst those was Josh Kerr who went down to Basque surfer Aritz Arunburu in a very close heat, Bede Durbidge went down to Jadson Andre who put a heat score together of 17.50, Matt Wilkinson was next to fall and then Sebastien Zietz fell to a very in form looking Adrian Ace Buchan.

The top 5 world title contenders are all still in with a shot and this comp will really start to shape who is going to come out on top. With the waiting period for the Quiksilver Pro France looming only a week away we could see a potential for things to change in the ratings lead.

Tube in tonight for pumping trestles at http://www.aspworldtour.com/events/2014/mct/708/hurley-pro-at-trestles/live

Oh I almost forgot to mention Kelly Slaters insane air, huge messy and I cant believe he rode out of it but wow, that was big, maybe this is a sign of what the 9x world champ is going to pull out of the big tonight?


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