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Smith & Gilmore win Trestles...on to France

Smith & Gilmore win Trestles...on to France
Published: 20/09/2014 11:03

What a good event Trestles was, just perfect conditions for most of the comp.

Steph Gilmore just looked electric and unbeatable though all her heats and I am very happy that she won, this will put another name into the girls world title race and make the next event which is here in France a pretty important one points wise.

 On the lads side of things, lots of close heats, crazy airs and good old fashioned power surfing. Well done to Jordy who managed to be the most consistent out of the top performers, some would say the first CT win of the year has been a long time coming.

On to France with the playing field looking a bit more level apart from Gabriel Medina who is out in front by a whopping 6 and a half thousand points, will he stumble at France, tune in to find out.

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