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Some Cool words from an ex-guest

Some Cool words from an ex-guest
Published: 21/09/2014 09:26

Its no everyday that we have a guest publishing some very kind words about us so I thought I would share his words and stay a few back.

Cameron is one of the most interesting guys I have met, hailing from El Segundo in California he has an interesting take on life, surf and travel. It was truly a pleasure to have him come and stay with us for 3 weeks and come time for him to leave us I found myself pretty sad.

I now have El Segundo on the map for a holiday and the whole coast sounds amazing for waves, surf culture, boards. The trick is not to come back with half a dozen Tyler boards.

 Anyway here is the link to Camerons blog with nice words about us and loads of other places he has traveled and stayed. Thanks Cameron.


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