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Teaser for the Quikpro France. Get booked up_

Teaser for the Quikpro France. Get booked up_
Published: 28/01/2014 10:45

Thats it the Quiksliver Pro France and the Roxy Pro Hossegor have been locked in for this year, the events will run back to back to give an extra long 2 week waiting period.

Quiksilver Pro France      25th September - 6th October

Roxy Pro Hossegor           23rd September - 9th October

Why not take advantage of our special offer of 33 euro per night Bed and Breakfast and come and see the show.

There are loads of other things going on that week, after parties, movie premiers, bands, pro signings and of course the chance to get some awesome waves in.

Its a super busy time of year here so get in first and reserve you space.

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