All about h2oholidays

A peaceful surf camp for grown ups is slap bang in the middle of all the famous surf spots of the Atlantic coast where you will experience some of the most awesome surfing in Europe. Stay for as long as you want, arrive or leave any day of the week so you can pick the cheapest flights, ferries or train. We keep the price down, offering cheap, clean and simple accommodation.   

h2o surf camp is our home to share. Come and go as you please in our friendly and relaxed environment. When you are not surfing, there are tons of other things to do and see, good bars, cafes and restaurants, equipment hire and shops are a stone's throw from the front door. You are sure to have great time. 

Any questions or to book, please email us using the Get in Touch button below, or send a WhatsApp / SMS : +33608905473 

About your hosts...

After an amazing year travelling abroad as a family, sussing out the world's best beach spots while broadening our minds, we realized we wanted to bring together the best of our unique travel experiences from around the world and condense the most awesome parts into one.

We have added our own personal touch to this special place and together with our dual English/French culture you’ll get the best of all worlds. For us it’s all about making sure our guests make the most of the surf, offering warm hospitality and a place to relax in a region we love and offers the best of France. h2oholidays is really a home from home.

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