Surfing Capbreton/Hossegor

Some Pictures of some cool sessions in walking distance from the house.

Surf Breaks Hossegor & Seignosse

The Hossegor & Seignosse surf spots are a 20 mins walk or a 5 min cycle on one our Beach Cruizers with surfboard rack.

Plage Sud

Get there early in high season. This is the place to come if everywhere to the north is closing out.  There is generally a smaller wave here, normally favouring long lefts for some reason, and works best on a low tide.  Lots of surf schools here, and you can get lessons or hire a board from the local schools.  Good showers and toilets.

La Graviere

A good place for short fast hectic barrels.  A popular spot with bodyboards and skimboarders too.  On bigger swells the outer bar begins working and it is common to see tow in surfers strapping in.  Parking is right by the beach,  you can rent boards here.  A favourite spot for the Quiksilver Pro France to take place.

La Nord

This is a heavy wave even when it looks small, probably the most famous wave in the area, most of the local sponsored riders can be seen here on a good day, also a tow in spot on bigger swells. Another favourite spot for the Quiksilver Pro France.  Showers.

Les Culs Nus

Translated as ‘bare bums’ this is the nudist beach but it's not mandatory. It has some awesome waves and great for beginners too if the swell direction is right, with its own parking area on the other side of the dune. Take a lesson with Chipiron Surboards. Showers.

Les Estagnots / Les Bourdaines / la Penon

These three different spots probably pick up a bit more swell than the town beaches and like a more northerly swell, the banks move around so much be sure to check them all as you could overlook something that no one else has seen. Showers, snack places, toilets.

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