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Nature trips

Marais D'Orx, Labenne

Explore this vast nature reserve which covers over 1500 hectares. This is the last major wetland reserve protected from the Aquitaine coast, and it is on the route for many Northern European migratory birds. It is home to many reptiles, insects and mammals, as well as birds, some of which are protected.
Opening times/dates:
The Reserve is open throughout the year. There is an information & exhibition lodge with parking and toilets. Opening times vary according to the time of year. 
The reserve is free - although you may have to pay for a guide

Etang Noir, Seignosse

This site was made a nature reserve in 1974, and is one of the last examples of how Les Landes was before Napoleon III oversaw the drying out of the region. Walk along the duckboards though the swamp forest and soak in the peace and quiet, and be transported back to another time.
Opening times/dates:
The Etang Noir is open throughout the year
It is free to visit the Etang Noir. In July/Aug, there are guided visits during the week, 3 times a day, and these cost 2,50 for anyone over 6.


Seignosse Bourg

Throughout the year on Weds am (9h to 13h) 

Seignosse Le Penon

From Easter to Mid June on Sun am (weather permitting). Last fortnight in June & 1st fortnight in Sept on Thurs and Sun am. July & Aug on Tues, Thurs and Sun am (9h to 13h)


In season on Weds, Thurs and Sun am (8h to 13h)
Definitely worth a visit. Heaving with locals and tourists drinking a Sunday morning white wine and pinxos. Great atmosphere 


Saturday am. 
High season food market everyday am (8h to 13h). 
High season traditional market Tues, Thurs & Sat am (8h to 13h). 
July & Aug a night market on Mon and Weds from 20h30



Bayonne is only 20 minutes from Capbreton.  Its proximity to the Spanish border and being in the Basque country has contributed to the creation of this pretty and diverse city. Bayonne's history is mapped out in various museums - ranging from chocolate through to art.  The Musee Bonnat is one of the best art galleries in the SW of France with paintings by Degas, Goya and Botticelli.  There is also a museum dedicated to the Basque History which has a great guided tour, only in French or group bookings in English. The Bayonnais are proud of their heritage, and in August they hold a massive cultural and drinking fete lasting several days.  Over Easter weekend they celebrate their love of food with a cured ham festival - which is well worth a visit. 


Biarritz has a lot of recent history, it was one of the places that the English aristocracy used to spend the winters at the turn of the 19th century, there are many grand buildings and a big Casino all housed in a series of pretty bays. The now very affluent city has a strange mix of 'the rich' and 'the surfers'. It is a very quaint place and deserves a visit, if you dont mind paying a bit, head down to the old port for some unbeatable seafood.

San Sebastian

Just an awesome city, its the party town of the area, Pinxos and Platos mixtos, Spanish beer etc all year around. Home to many language schools and people who want to learn Spanish, there is also tons to see here, some people say it's like a 'Mini Rio'.


Le Rio, Capbreton 

A quaint and very comfortable cinema that shows a variety of films and movies including some original English versions (version originale VO).
Look at their Facebook page for the programme.Prices Adult : 6 €

Le Rex, Hossegor

A small cinema in the centre of Hossegor which shows movies and films in the original English version (look for VO or VOST)
Look at their Facebook page for the programme and showing times

Prices adult : 6.50 €



Quiksilver Board Riders Club - just a 2 minute walk from the house. Has free live gigs every Thursday evening. 


- Quiksilver
-  Roxy
-  Ripcurl
-  Billabong
-  Volcom
-  Globe
-  Pull In
-  Banana Moon
-  Kana Beach
-  Split
-  Oxbow


Factory outlets & independent shops:
- Ripcurl
- Billabong
- Quiksilver DG
-  Lost
-  Kana Beach
-  Oxbow
-  Globe
-  Carhartt
-  Channel Islands 


Independent shops :
- L'Esquiro - O'Neill, reef
- L'Agreou - O'Neill, Reef
- Zao Boutik - Volcom, Insight, Lost

Chocolate in Bayonne

Chocolate was imported through the port of Bayonne over 400 years ago, it has remained a tradition since. 

The Chocolat Mousseux at Cazenave, Bayonne

The most famous chocolatier in the region, and the only one that still works with cocoa in its true form. The chocolat mousseux (hot chocolate) is amazing and really should be sampled.
Opening times/dates:
Open all year, Tues to Sat (open on Mon in school holidays) : 9h to 12h and 14h to 19h.
A chocolat mousseux costs 6.10€

Planete Musee Chocolat, Biarritz

Dedicated to the 3000 years of cocoa and chocolate this museum explores the history of chocolate and chocolate making. There is also a tasting session and a shop, so you can easily satisfy your chocolate desires.
Opening times/dates:
During school holidays : every day 10h to 18h30
During school time : every day except Sun 10h to 12h30 and 14h30 to 18h30

Adult (12 and over) : 6.50 €  Student : 5 €  Children (5 to 12) : 4€

L'Atelier du Chocolat, Bayonne

Dedicated to the story of chocolate and how it arrived in France, this workshop guides you from the Mexican rainforest, following the cocoa bean to the creation of chocolate as we know it.  
There are video demonstrations as well as the confectioners themselves.  And at the end of your visit there is the opportunity to taste the specialities of the workshop.

Opening times/dates:
Monday to Saturday : 9h30 to 12h30 and 15h to 18h
July and August : 9h30 to 18h30

Adults : 6 €
Children (4 to 12) : 3 €.

Activites with animals

La Pinede des Singes, Labenne 

Amble through the magnificent 6 hectare forest park and meet some of the 150 Java macaques enjoying their freedom. The park is also home to Vietnamese pot belly pigs, ponies, goats, and an aviary with Siberian cranes, flamingos and peacocks.
Opening times/dates:
15/04 to 30/09 : 10h to 12h and 14h to 18h (19h July & Aug)
Adult : 6,50€
Children : 3€

Oceafaunia, Labenne 

A little zoo set in 5 hectares of the Landes forest, home to 200 exotic animals and birds, including lemurs, kangaroos, llamas, parrots and aquatic birds.
Opening times/dates:
05/02 to 08/04 : 14h to 18h (last entry at 17h)
09/04 to 04/09 : 10h to 19.30h (last entry at 18.30h)
05/09 to 13/11 : 14h to 18h (last entry at 17h)

The park is closed from 14th November until the 4th February
Adult (12 years and over): 9€
Children (3 to 12 years) : 6€€
Children (under 3) : free

Reptilarium de Labenne 

Discover a different and fascinating place, home to more than 150 reptiles from across the 5 continents - including snakes, lizards, crocodiles, iguanas, anacondas and turtles. You will find the largest collection of crocodiles in Les Landes.
Opening times/dates:
Open throughout the year : 10h to 12h and 14h to 18h30
Adult (12 years and over): 7€
Children: 6€

Musee de la Mer, Biarritz

This aquarium can be found right on the front at Biarritz, in an original Art Deco building, dating from 1933, with beautiful views over the bays. The 4 floors display a huge variety of information, including many fish, the history of fishing techniques, sharks and seals. You can time your visit with the seal's feeding times, at 10h30 and 17h, and meet their latest arrival - Urko, who was born in February. There is also a small shop and a cafe, and you can wander around with an audio guide for more information.
Opening times/dates:
All year : 9h30 to 12h30 and 14h to 18h
Feb, Christmas Holidays, weekends & May : 9h30 to 18h
Easter Holidays, June & Sept : 9h30 to 19h
July & Aug : 9h30 to midnight
Nov to March : closed on Mondays (outside school holidays)
The Aquarium is closed for the second and third weeks of January

Adult : 13€
Children (4 to 16) : 9.50€

Audio Guides (in English, German, Basque, Spanish and French) : 3€ (will need to leave a deposit)

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