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Fanning v Slater @ Pipeline...

Fanning v Slater @ Pipeline...
Published: 12/12/2013 16:40

Its the day after round 4 of the world famous Bllabong Pipe Masters which will also double as a title race decider.

Its Mick Fannings title to loose as all he has to do is finish 3rd or better. If he does not manage this and Kelly Slater wins the event, Slater will take the title.

At this point in time they are both still in it, Slater having moved to the quarter finals in devastating form while Mick while being on form suffered a loss in Round 4 meaning he will have to surf Round 5.

The contest looks to be on hold until the weekend when a huge 10-12ft swell will arrive with favorable winds. This has to be the most perfect scenario for the ultimate showdown.

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