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Great start to 2016 - English Surfing Federation introduces equal prize money

Published: 23/12/2015 00:15

The likes of Lucy Cambell, Keisha Eyre and other English surf girls will be stoked to hear that the English Surfing Federation are to introduce equal prize money for both men and women in professional competitions starting 2016.

Andy Sturt, chairman of the Newquay-based ESF, said in a statement: "The English Surfing Federation is committed to give equal status to men and women in prize money - this parity is long overdue. Other mainstream and British favourites such as football, cricket and rugby pay remarkably different figures to the men and the women at the top of their game"

The male winners of the World Surf League (WSL)  $525,000 (£353,000) per event while women get $262,500 (£176,000). 

According to the Western Morning News, Lucy Campbell, the UK’s top ranked female surfer, still has to work at a local bar to make ends meet. Hopefully this will change things for Lucy and the rest of the surf gals and equally, let's hope the other surfing federations will follow in their wake sometime in the near future. 

Photo regram from @lucysurfer


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