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Hurley Pro Trestles is ON tonight?

Hurley Pro Trestles is ON tonight?
Published: 09/09/2014 14:47

So it looks like we are 90% certain that the Hurley Pro Testles will be a goer at 5 pm (french time) today.

Above is a little demo of what can be done (shot and performed by Kelly Slater)

This is the event when you can really start talking about who WILL win the world title, with only 4 events left this year and with Medina out with a 8000 ish points lead and Kelly in second closely followed by the usual suspects it will matter a lot who comes out on top.

Even though Gabriel Medina has not posted a win here yet, the wave which is famous for high performance surfing, is his kind of wave on paper. It offers up chances for a variety of maneuvers and linked a lot with airs, crumbly lips and soft landings. Saying this, looking at the results in the past the most consistent performer is by far Kelly Slater.

Me thinks this will be very interesting, be sure to tune in and watch www.aspworldtour.com

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