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John John Florence Takes out the Quiksilver Pro France

John John Florence Takes out the Quiksilver Pro France
Published: 05/10/2014 14:40

Fresh off watching the finals of the Quiksilver Pro France live on the beach and from someone who watches it every year I can tell you that I dont think I can remember there being so many people, such good weather or such big waves for the final 2 days.

Although the banks at the competition site where not as good as previous years, the amount of swell and size of the waves the guys were trying to surf were pretty impressive.

The stand out performer by far was John John, he seemed to actually be toying with the 10-12ft set waves and making at least 50% of the barrels he went for, consequently anyone that was unfortunate enough to be in a heat with him looked like scarred little rookies, most of the time he left his opponent in a combination situation on the beach and probably feeling a little bit impotent. 

Now to the world title race... Kelly and Gabriel lost both in the same round so I believe the results in France change nothing as far as Medinas lead. Kelly now needs to gain 7 steps on the competition ladder in the final 2 events.

While I am a huge Kelly fan myself and while Kelly normally says Bahhh to the impossible it could be that his title hopes died when he lost that quarterfinal to Jody.

It looks like there will be a lot of people tuning in to watch the Rip Curl Pro Pencihe on the 12th of October to find out, me for one.

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