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Perfect Waves for Autumn?

Perfect Waves for Autumn?
Published: 08/08/2014 09:05

You may think that talking about small waves in the summer is a given but here it is not always that.

The last few summers have been larger than average for swell and also hotter air and water temp than normal.

This summer it would seem is back to normal which is a pretty good thing if you are me, the air temp has been a consistent 27 ish and, the winds and swell are shoulder to head high with off-shore in the morning and evening. It is what summer should be.

The reason I am going on about this means that after a few funky years with unseasonal swell maybe things are back to normal and we can look forward to an epic September and October, we have pretty good banks at the moment if you know where to look, its just waiting for the swell.

Bring it on.

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