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Rip Curl Peniche 2014 free surf 14th October

Rip Curl Peniche 2014 free surf 14th October
Published: 16/10/2014 08:53

What have the boys been up to with the lay days in this years Rip Curl Pro Peniche. Well ripping up at the back up site and around.

Not to say that they could have run the comp at the back up site as this video is obviously cut and it may not be consistent enough for heats in the water but boy it does look ripable.

The title race hangs on a few things, one, that Kelly Slater does at least one level better than Gabriel Medina in this event and two, that Medina does not make it out of the first round at Pipeline.I believe that while the first is possible the second is not.

In conclusion Gabriel has already won the world title this year, its just a matter of where he does it. Saying that you should never count out Kelly Slater, he has won 11 world titles.

Dont forget to tune in and find out how it plays out, next call for the Rip Curl Pro Peniche is on the 17th at 7.30am local time.

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