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Should I bring my surfboard ? Biarritz airline policies.

Published: 07/05/2016 09:36

Is it worth paying the airline fees or should I just rent once there ? If it's too heartrending to make a surf trip without your own cherished and faithful board, here are some boardbag prices of airlines landing in Biarritz. 

A few handy tips to travelling with your surfbag from our guests : 

If traveling with a shortboard, look carefully at the airline's standard bag size rather than paying excess for large sports equipment.

Always check the state of your surfboard on arrival  at the airport and report any dings or damage immediately. 

Buy some nose and tail protectors or use foam padding, pipe insulation with duct tape is really handy or bubble wrap is light. 

Double up your surfbag or sock with a coffin bag for protection. Fill it with your wetsuit, towel and clothes - but don't forget you have to carry it :)

If these prices are above your budget, you could always rent one once here, generally around 15 euros a day or 10 euros for two hours at the beach. 

Photo indosurflife

This is just to give you an idea of the airline prices, it's still advisable to check the airline sites for prices and conditions before booking your ticket. 

Or another option would be to sell on your surfboard here, for example at the @alltroc second hand-shop at the Soorts-Hossegor outlet, they have been known to do good deals for our guests, obviously depending on how much you paid for your board in the first place.


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