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Solid Swell for Tahiti?

Solid Swell for Tahiti?
Published: 15/08/2014 08:35

It looks like it going to be a good year for the Billabong Pro Teauphoo with 3-5 foot for the first day in the waiting period, MSW are calling for a day of 7-8 foot and possibly a bigger swell to develop in the later days.

It does not like the 'CODE RED' of 2011 which saw the tow in boys and girls come to town and the ASP comp called off due to danger and size.

The comp kicks off today and hopefully we will see some guys in the water tonight European time, the first heat is Kelly Slater v Sebastian Zietz v Glenn Hall which looks like it could be an awesome one on paper.

Kelly needs to make an impact on this event if he is to have any chance at winning the world tour, Sea-bass needs a good result and the injury replacement, Glenn Hall has nothing to loose. The exciting heats stack up all day long and I for one will be tunning in to see some solid choups action.

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